Screenshot of CheapSkate, the brand new, free photo editing software, from MLR Software, at
CheapSkate... is a free photo editing program, from MLR Software. The goal here is to provide a free alternative to the more pricey photo editors out there, for the average user to enjoy. Although CheapSkate is free, the plan is to grow it into a fully featured graphics suite, packed with plenty of useful and fun filters. CheapSkate will be updated often, so be sure to stop by and download the latest version.
To see if anything's been added since your last visit, go to the What's New page, to view the version number, release date, and new features added for each release.
Although CheapSkate is very simple and easy to use, if there are any questions, the Tutorial page should be of help.
If there are any questions, comments, or suggestions for new features or filters, please visit the Contact page.
Click here to download CheapSkate, the free photo editing software, from MLR Software, at CheapSkate.